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September 25, 2009



Love it! I feel exactly the same, there's an awful lot of smug buggers in these mags, just like on Grand Designs, I sit there shouting at the tv. But I'll let you into a secret, my house is going in a magazine next year and of course, we don't have a tv or any tasteless toys in the pics, they were all piled up in the hall! Just wait until you read the article, I sound like the saddest old biddy in the world (or maybe I just am!) Thanks for making me laugh, Julia x


Spot on! Thank you for saying it so eloquently. Couldn't have said it better myself.


When I used to watch 'makeover' programmes on tv with my late father, he would got very cross at the expressions of delight at the transformation - his most frequent comment (shouted at the tv) was 'stupid bitch' - perhaps we should follow his example and shout at the women in the magazine articles who make us feel inadequate.....
ps - good to have you back - I missed you!!

Mummy Boo Bear

Hi lovely blog you have here.

I was laughing all the way through that post! Very true. I also find that they always seem to be organised enough to decorate the house for every festivity too. So if its halloween its decorated for that and easter too. Although its a bit of goal of mine to one day be that organised, its usually a slapdash last minute rush. I am pretty sure though half the time its what the magazine wants from the article than the folks themselves. And also they never seem to bugger anything up! Like the said flooring or hidden firplace, it always comes out perfect! lol.

Your house build looks really exciting! I bet you cant wait.


The Coffee Lady

Also you need a vintage dress or a handbag to just be hanging on your wardrobe door. Not spilling out, mind.

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