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February 11, 2009



Is the edging made from paper or is it material?


I would love to win your giveaway - I am mad about books so would choose the book but would be more than happy with the edging.
As for ideas for using it:

(pause to listen to brain whirring)
edging for a pelmet and curtains, or bottom of blind, or ruffle around bottom of childs play apron or edging round retro Xmas tree skirt.

Thats it - my brain hurts now



Congrats on the belated anniversary...may there be many more!! Thank you for sharing the adorable edging with us -- I have the same question as periwinkle above though...paper or fabric?

Beata xxx

Anne Donald

Congrats on the anniversary!
My immediate thought is to incorporate the edging into a quilt (or a quillow). Leading on from that it would look good on cushions and my third idea is to cut it into sections and make bunting with it, which would look super hanging in a child's bedroom. If I were to win, I would love the book.


Hi Gayle

Happy bloggyversary! I think I'd mount your little one's artwork on blockboard with spray adhesive and then use the edging as a border.

But gosh, I don't know how you can part with the Crafter's Companion - it is one of my favourite books (although more to possess, than look through on a regular basis!



Ooooh to book and edging! i never got round to getting that did that slip through my net!? sounds wonderful!

the edging, if it were mine, would find itself wrapped around the bottom of lampshades during winter months to be seasonal(!) and used to decorate the winter book box that we have in our family room. That was easier than i thought!

(answered your email... current standings: battle lines have been drawn between #1 and #2. literally. with chalk. down the hallway. he got the family room and front room, she got the kitchen!!!) Dozy pair...neither of them got the toilet!!!)


Hi Gayle,
I would definately choose the edging. What would I do with it...umm..I think I might edge some pillowcases for starters...!


Hi there , this is my first visit here to your blog . I love the edging it looks very cute !!

Off to read some more of your blog

Sara x


Hi Gayle,

I'm back again...hopefully not too late! I would use it in making a pillow...either by zigzagging it directly on the pillow as a horizontal band or including it in a patchwork-type design. All the individual figures are so adorable that I would consider cutting them out separately and using them as patchwork squares or applique motifs for a pillow or quilt...

Thanks for being so generous!

Beata xxx

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