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December 04, 2008



You know, the world seems a much smaller place since the coming of emails and blogging and other technological stuff and it be so much easier for you to keep in contact with your friend. I know it's not the same but better than nothing. Hope it's not too bad for you


I left my best friend behind in the UK when we decided to come back to NZ. I still miss her dreadfully - she always saw me in a light that made me think better of myself BUT it does get easier and we still write long newsy emails and her Christmas parcel to us each year is eagerly anticipated.


oh how lucky she is to know she has a friend like you though - what a lovely post :-)
Lesley x


Oh! *$%^, $%&&, ****. (insert suitable words as necessary)

If you want to wail into a virtual coffee...i've got a mug warming ready. If you need to drink out of fine china then i'm afraid you'll have to bring your own!



I'm sorry to hear about your friend moving away, but a friend is always a friend no matter where in the world they are... get yourselves webcams then you can still see each other too. Maybe get her to get a blog too... big hugs
Lisa x

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