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February 11, 2008



I know what you mean about alternative uses. I use a saucer that has lost it's teacup to hold the sponge for washing up at the kitchen sink, and I also use an old tea mug to hold pens and pencils next to the phone. I love the idea of using an old cup for washing detergent. I'm hoping to get a laundry room soon (washer and dryer currently in the basement) and I'll have to remember this idea.

Love your blog! We visited Ireland over twenty years ago (before kids) and loved it.


Thanks for visiting, great to meet new bloggers, especially those who share the love of old bits of treasure (tat) that I love!
Julia xx


Ah hummus, love the stuff, have you ever made your own? Loved the "wonk" joke by the way. As for your quilt, I'm setting you a challenge-- I'm getting some material next week to get a quilt made in time for M's birthday which is in July, thats 5 months away. Lets see how much you can get completed by then eh? Are you up for it? Lisa x


I love the idea of leaving messages for them each morning - such a good idea (the word breakfast is a nasty one though!). I may do that for my daughter as I think that would encourage her reading too.

Thank you for your comment on my blog - I can't understand what the play-doh was doing in an accessible place - you are obviously far nicer than me, for mine is placed somewhere so high that even I have to stand on a chair to get it down! x

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