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June 06, 2009


Anne Donald

That sounds like a normal childhood to me!!

Hey there,
that looks like a boat load of fun although that tent would probably fill my postage stamp sized backyard!!Maybe when my wee ones are bigger and I am not lugging a basketball around under myshirt!!
good luck with the move.

Catherine sound just like me - playdough hasn't been in our house for about five years (kids are 8 and 4) mcdonalds is a great easy way of (occasionally) giving the kids a treat - it's treated as something special, not a day to day occurance. You can only keep so much artwork and when they are adults they won't want you handing over umpteen boxes of scribbles!! And I really believe that they only needa small amount of toys (I'm slowly whittling ours down!) Walking, camping, picnics and adventures are what they really love...oh, and the occasional zone out flop in front of the tv!!!

Tea Rose

Hahahaha...I love your confessions! The first three, I am on the same boat, but they still love me! The campout looks like it's lots of fun!


good for you, I haven't succumbed to buying Play Dough yet !!! Those are some lovely pics..

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