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December 31, 2008



Lovely to hear from you - hope you have a Happy New Year too. Love the CK stuff - I trawl her site quite often from down under.


Hi, again! Looks like you got some awesome Christmas gifts! Good for you. After reading your blog I googled Cath Kidston and was disappointed to see it's not in the States. She has such CUTE stuff. I will have to hunt it down on e-bay. I have no idea how pounds transfer to dollars, so I don't know if her stuff is expensive or not. LOL!

Now I'll have to google Troll bracelets.

The paper chain on the bed is so cute! I have a 5 yr. old son and he likes to "decorate", too, with sometimes odd results. But it's so sweet, I usually leave it, too. My mom helped him make a paper chain with her scrapbooking paper this winter for our tree. It was the nicest paper chain I ever saw with all that pretty paper!

Oh, you had asked, and I am from the States- a very northern part, almost to Canada. I am in Northern Michigan- I live close to the shore of Lake Michigan, one of our Great Lakes. The beach is literally 3 blocks from my house, although that doesn't do me much good for 9 months of the year. (We only get summer here for about 3 days.)

Oooh, I looked at the Trollbeads website. They ARE pretty!


You got some lovely goodies for Christmas and belated birthday wishes, it's mine soon too ... Love the paper chain , i think i'd be leaving it there for as long as possible. Try not to dwell on your friend moving , true friends stay friends forever.
Lisa x

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