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November 24, 2008



I haven't given anything hand crafted before , this has been my first year at giving presents for birthdays and now Christmas which I will have made.We only have a small family and only give the kiddies and my parents presents . My nearly 1 yr old nephew is getting one of my elephants and a knitted hooded cardigan, my Mil is getting a cowl and possibly some wrist warmers. I've got another few things underway but only these are finished. It's hard this year as nearly everyone is counting the pennies.Does that help? Oh and by the way I love the cot.
Lisa x


This year i fear i may lose the love of my nephews! I have made the 5yr old a pencil roll, knitted a (mutant) teddy bear thing and made him some alphabet cards...the 18mth old is getting a quilted playmat. I have warned my sister that i fear they are too benign! The gifts do not shout/talk/flash or light up and so i fear that my two nephews will look at me as if i have 3 heads!!! I always make handcrafted stuff for my sister and mother but this is the first time for the nephews. My kids are struggling with FC this year and i'm afraid they are too sneaky for me to handmake anything for them. We give presents so that FC doesn't give everything and they are sewing related from me and sport related from daddy!

The rest of my family i'm afraid are too materialistic and completely ignorant of the work/thought/effort that goes into handmade and so i don't bother! (DH's side of the family!)

Virtual friends are one thing...but i DO wish you could pop around for a drink and a cake...


I generally only give handmade gifts to my Mum and my Sister. This year I've been so busy making things to sell that I actually haven't hand made anything although if the current slow sales continue Mum and Sis may be getting something extra from my shop stock. I haven't worked out yet whether I could give handmade things to Hubbie-to-be's Sis and Mum. Think I probably could. They're not too materialistic and appreciate what I do although I'm not sure my style is there style completely. I might make something handmade for my niece as an extra present. Although I've been too busy myself, I have bought a few handmade things from people on the site my shop is on. It's good to support other creative people rather than the high street. Hope that helps a bit.

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