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February 26, 2008



Where to start, keep going with the quilt, I havent even started mine yet so you are well ahead of me. I know what you mean about escaping, if only. I feel like I've had a pram attached to me for the past 4 years! Hope everyone comes through the ops ok. Have a nice time at the wedding. I'm so jealous of the pink daisy Zoob jug, I saw that on Stephanie Blog too...if only
Lisa x


Oh I love to escape too, but have to admit I join the guilty camp when I'm away. Thanks for your comment re: my photos. My camera is an Ixus dxSLR, and my husbands, all singing all dancing camera is a Nikon D40 which I am 'sometimes' allowed to use, mainly when he's out of the house!!
Good luck with the quilt.. I want to attempt a patchwork quilt, got the book out, got the templates, just got to find the time to start!! Have a great time away x


I'm certainly not in the guilty camp when I escape! I think we all need some time away, being a full-time mum I just need some time without responsibility for others. Life seems so easy when you're not towing 2 small people around with you, but I'm always glad to see them again (until the squabbling sets in of course!)
Love the quilt but I'm no expert on patchwork unfortunately. I think the blinds would look lovely in your new fabric.
Have a great weekend!
Julia x

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